When you arrive at our office on your first visit you will fill out some paperwork (if you haven’t already printed it out to bring with you) and we will get your insurance information if you would lie us to file that for you.  Next you will meet with your doctor for a consultation and examination.  During this portion of your visit you will discuss with him/her what brings you into the office, any past pertinent medical history, and he/she will perform an orthopedic and/or neurological examination that is specific to your complaints.  You and your doctor will discuss any findings and determine what treatment is best for your complaints or conditions. After that we will begin whatever treatment that may be. 


If X-rays or other imaging studies are warranted, we will refer you to an imaging center before any adjustments or therapy are performed. 


Following treatment, your doctor will then advise you of anything you need to do at home to help with your care and advise you of when to follow up.  You should plan on being at our office for 45 minutes to an hour this first day. 


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8A - 12P | 2P - 6P

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