There are a lot of issues and conditions that occur during pregnancy.  Some unfortunately will not go away until the baby is born.  But many can be helped with chiropractic care.  Pregnant moms don’t have to just live with neck pain, headaches, middle and lower back pain, sciatic pain, rib pain, heartburn, shallow breathing, pubic bone pain, swelling in their hands and feet, the pain created from varicose veins, or trouble sleeping.  And did you know that research has shown that getting adjusted throughout your pregnancy can help decrease labor and delivery time by up to 1/3?  A round head fits much better through a round, open pelvis, than one that is crooked and won’t expand well during birth.  If your baby is breech or transverse, the Webster technique can help them reposition themselves and turn so that they are head down, hopefully avoiding a Cesarean Section.


After your baby is born, aside from chiropractic care helping you with soreness from the delivery or feeding and sleeping positions, if you are a nursing mom and develop clogged ducts, we can help with that.