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Sports care is helpful for any age.  Injuries can occur in the most skilled and highly trained athlete just as often as someone who is playing catch in the front yard.  Playing sports and putting your body through certain movements repetitively can create wear and tear on the joints, creating overuse injuries.  If the joints asked to do these repetitive movements are not properly aligned, injury is more likely to occur.  Chiropractic care helps with coordination, strength, proprioception, speed and agility.  Your gait pattern is important in sports that require a lot of running.  The ability to take a good deep breath is important for your stamina in any sport or activity.  Full range of motion is key in an area whether it be your pitching arm if you play baseball, or your legs and hips if you are a sprinter or long distance runner. Good hand-eye coordination is a necessity when running down a football field and catching a ball. 


When injuries do occur, like a rotator cuff injury, golfer’s elbow, or a sprain/strain we have different chiropractic techniques and therapeutic modalities to treat those as well and get you back in the game. 

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